THE YOGA CENTER - tuscaloosa

 Welcome to
The Yoga Center!

Tuscaloosa’s oldest yoga studio has a new home!
We are very happy to be settled into a place that offers a studio for The Yoga Center and a space for Lynda's massage therapy practice. It is in a convenient central location, with a spacious yoga room and ample parking in front.
Suite E-1
Riverside Office Center
535 Jack Warner Pkwy East
Tuscaloosa 35404
Our phone number remains the same for both The Yoga Center and Lynda Kees massage therapy:
See the Class Schedule page for classes being offered now and for our class fees. We have returned to offering a discount for investing in several classes with one purchase. As always, students receive a discount for yoga classes and massage therapy.
Please join us to nourish body, mind, and spirit with yoga and meditation sessions.… We hope to see you soon!

Call or email us with your email address so we can let you know when we have news to share.

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The one thing I know for certain
and have applied every day in my life
is that the mind and the body are one.
                                        Candace Pert
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