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September Workshops

Chakra Immersion Series
Session 1: Intro to Chakras & Energy Body

Saturday Sept 21st
7:30 to 9:30 a.m.
with Clarissa


In this initial class of the monthly Chakra Immersion Series, we introduce the Energy Body & seek to define our understanding of what the Chakra System is & how it influences health & vitality. We will discuss the history of the Chakras in Yoga, and how they are understood & experienced in various cultures & traditions. 
Each class will include group discussion with some yoga & movement. Mats & props available or you are welcome to bring your own, along with a notebook.
Two hours continuing education credits available for Yoga Alliance to RYT yoga teachers.
Open classes, no registration required. 

Yoga for Joy After Loss

Sunday Sept 22nd
3 to 5 p.m.
with Gillian


 This practice emotionally supports anyone who is grieving a loss, whether it is the death of a loved one, including a beloved pet; a life change due to illness, trauma, divorce, miscarriage, a difficult move; or any other traumatic loss.

This workshop integrates breath, movement, meditation, and sound. The focus will be on stretching the body, expressing pain & suffering with sound, connecting with ourselves & others, opening the heart, and surrendering to love and joy.

You will stretch, dance, laugh, be witnessed and guided through a special meditation, while being held in a safe, sacred container.

No prior yoga experience necessary. 


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Overview of the
Chakra Immersion Series
with Clarissa

every third Saturday 7:30-9:30 a.m.
Join us for an in-depth exploration of the seven major Chakras of Yogic tradition & their contributions to overall health & vitality. The chakra system forms the foundation of the human energy body & is key in understanding our energetic nature & in elevating consciousness. Each month will focus on the energy of a different chakra through discussion, immersive activity, movement, yoga asana, & meditation. We will discuss practical applications of this information in day-to-day life. Please dress comfortably, & you may also wish to bring a notebook. This is an open group class, no registration required.

September 21: Intro to the Chakras & Energy Body
October 19: Root
November 16: Sacral
December 21: Solar Plexus
January 18: Heart
February 15: Throat
March 21: Third Eye
April 18: Crown
May 16: Integration
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