THE YOGA CENTER - tuscaloosa
December Workshops

Free Your Fascia - Free Your Body/Mind
Working with Therapy Balls
Arms, Hands, Neck & Head
Sunday December 9th
  4 to 6 p.m.
with Silke

After a full body warm up, each workshop will focus on specific areas of soft tissue in the body. We will use different sized therapy balls to massage and relax the web of connective tissue (fascia). By releasing tension in the soft tissue, particularly the fascia, we will restore energy (heat) into the area. When we release tension, the connective tissue and muscles relax and unwind. We will end with gentle stretching and a long savasana (deep relaxation).

check or cash only please

Introduction to Hanna Somatics
Sunday December 16th
3 to 4:30 p.m.
with Clarissa

Developed by Thomas Hanna, Hanna Somatics is a safe, gentle approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain. I is a sensory motor training method that teaches us to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain & gives strategies to reduce muscle tension. Through simple movements, learn how to relax the tense muscles that contribute to pain. This movement-based class is appropriate for anyone, whether or not you currently experience pain. Hanna Somatics is deeply relaxing & restorative in nature. We will spend about 45-50 minutes with the Somatics practice, spend 10-15 minutes in restorative yoga postures, & finish with 20-30 minutes of guided meditation (Yoga Nidra).

$20 or 4 for $60
check or cash only please

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